Cognition & Memory


Assessments of senior issues associated with cognition are covered by OHIP.

Various supports are given depending on the individual needs of each patient. Assistance is given for any of the potential consequences of memory problems including:


• difficulty functioning at home

• need for continuing care and in-home support

• secondary issues such as depression

• management of medications

• concerns about financial management

• concerns around driving safety


Once assessed, each patient is followed until their problem(s) has been settled or their care has been reassumed by their own referring physician.

All patients are prioritized according to severity of needs.

Follow up needs vary. Following admission to Long Term Care, care will normally be managed by the on-site physician.

In summary, options investigated and considered for each individual with memory loss or dementia will result in one of the following:


• Investigation and management of their problems

• Development of in-home support systems

• Working with the family to predict the need for more

  formalized institutional care

• Offering participation in clinical research studies that would

   provide access to international pharmaceutical trials of new

   medications for Alzheimer’s disease.


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