Over the last 15 years, scientists have made enormous strides in understanding how Alzheimer's disease affects the brain. Many of these recent insights point toward promising new strategies for treatment, prevention and diagnosis.

At Kawartha Regional Memory Clinic we have extensive experience in conducting clinical trials. Principal investigators interested in utilizing clinical trial coordinators and site staff for other areas, are welcome. The Research Group will collaborate on research projects in other areas with other Principal Investigators.

Kawartha Regional Memory Clinic is closely affiliated with the Consortium of Canadian Centres for Clinical Cognitive Research (C5R). Our trials offer an opportunity for patients with mild to severe dementia to enhance their treatment options.

A team of clinically trained trial coordinators and assessors provide cognitive evaluations and clinical trial management that allows for multiple concurrent clinical trials.


Why Participate


• Patients in clinical trials remain on their usual medications.


• Participation in clinical trials provides access to staff and

   physicians on a regular basis that would not be otherwise

   available and can often be helpful to solve ongoing issues.


• Participants in clinical trials have been demonstrated to have

   better health outcomes.


• Patient’s families report renewed reverence for the procedures

   necessary to demonstrate successful outcomes for a given

   pharmaceutical agent.


• Patient’s families feel they have contributed to the health and

   welfare of the next generation.


Future Research
Kawartha Regional Memory Clinic is seeking further opportunities in clinical trials. Interested Physicians and Pharmaceutical companies may contact us.

For More Information on on-going trials contact: